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Multimedia Resource - Unit1

Activity Proposal – 1

Burj Al Arab -World's only seven star hotel – Exploring Youtube Website

Teacher’s notes:

Take students to the Computer Room.

Begin a discussion about amenities and facilities in Hotels. The key-question is: What qualities does a 7-star hotel have?

After, ask students to watch the video Burj Al Arab -World's only seven star hotel on Youtube´s Website.

Available at:


please consult the Tutorial Programme if you wish to download the video

4. While the students watch the video, ask them to write down some key-words.

In pairs or in small groups, the students fill out the schedule (see next page) and then discuss their answers with their colleagues.

Help the students to do this Activity and offer some Dictionaries and Grammar Books. You must explain in detail points of Grammar like: adjectives, qualities and specifics expressions used in this context, enlarging students´prior knowledge.

Other Tips for extra activities about the topic

Oral Practice

q What are the local attractions in Dubai? Do some research into Websites like: www.google.com.br or www.cade.com.br about this.

q Would you like to know Dubai?

q Would you like to know Burj Al Arab -World's only seven star hotel?

q What do you know about good Hotels? Have you ever heard about or stayed at a good Hotel? Tell us about it.

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