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About Us

Since November, 2009, a group of 22 specialists in English from the Secretaria Estadual de Educação are meeting to devise the material (units, extra activities, games, songs etc.) to be used with the English classes at the 92 CELs in São Paulo.

It has been our dream to let the students learn English at CEL Course. For a long time we dreamed about that. Now it became reality. The English language is now part of CEL. For us it is a conquer as much as it is a challenge. When we were told about the possibility of organizing the CEL course we were pleased to be part of the team. We are twenty English teachers from public school. The team has experts in their field, some with more than 15 years of experience teaching at language institutes and public schools. The team is led by Neide Gaspar, who has taught English at Cultura Inglesa for many years. Our main goal is to design a course that meets the students’ needs. Let the students develop their speaking and listening skills. Allow them to communicate in the English Language.

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