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terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

Some Tips: Why use songs in ELT

· Most students are highly motivated by song-based activities, which they perceive to be fun.

· You can create lessons around songs that can be used to practise any of the main language skills.

· Grammar can be surreptitiously presented or practised through songs!

· Music can relax, disinhibit and simultaneously stimulate students. These affective responses to music are optimum for learning.(1)

· Playing a song immediately affects class atmosphere. You can use it to calm, energise...

· There is often a lot of repetition in songs, which can aid long-term memory. Just think about all those lyrics that get stuck in your head!

· The rhythmical aspect of music also aids rote memorisation.(2)

· Research shows that students may retain more vocabulary when presented through a song.(3)

· Pop music is a highly accessible source of authentic language. Music isn't scary; it's part of students' lives outside the classroom. Even your beginner level students probably listen to music with lyrics in English.

· Bringing pop music to class can help break down barriers, enabling students to better relate to their teacher and classmates.

· Students may feel more fluent singing along to song lyrics than they do speaking a foreign language, so this builds confidence.

· Music with lyrics engages both sides of the brain so becomes a powerful learning tool.(4)

· Using music to teach a second language is consistent with Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.(2)

· A range of colloquial language can easily be introduced through songs.

· Most lyrics need to be interpreted, and regular practise of this may improve prediction and comprehension skills.

· Pop songs cover a wide variety of general interest topics so are perfect for theme-based lessons.

· References in lyrics provide a means to integrate cultural dimensions in a lesson.

· Music can help language learners to learn good pronunciation. Melodies and rhymes guide learners to speak in a native cadence.(5)

· Students may learn to segment new words more effectively when learning through song. This could be especially beneficial in the first phase of language learning.(6)

· Using songs in your lessons is a great way to encourage students to do so outside of class, providing essential extra-curricular listening practise.

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